Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Workshop
AugustĀ 9, 2022

Presentation and discussion regarding the FY2023 City of Georgetown Proposed Budget and Tax Rate -- David Morgan, City Manager
On Aug 9, city staff will provide an overview of the proposed City of Georgetown FY2023 Budget and receive feedback and direction from the City Council.  This is a follow-up session to the July 19th , 2022 City Council Workshop regarding the City of Georgetown FY2023 budget considerations.  Discussion on the 2022 (FY2023) tax rate will also occur, providing direction to staff to finalize the FY2023 Annual Budget.

The proposed FY2023 Annual Budget will be attached to this item, and will be available on the City’s website. There are corresponding action items on the legislative session to set the maximum property tax rate the Council will consider, as well as set the date and time for the public hearing on the tax rate.
A financial overview will be included as part of the discussion.
Sharon Parker
Budget overview and table of contents
General Fund
Electric Fund
Water Fund
Other Enterprise Funds
Special Revenue Funds
Internal Service Funds
Capital Improvements and Debt Projects
Presentation 08.05.22