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City of Georgetown, Texas
Water Utility Board
March 21, 2022

Presentation, discussion, and direction regarding the Water and Wastewater Cost of Service Study preliminary results. -- Chelsea Solomon, Director of Water Utility

Updated Water and Wastewater Cost of Service Study
The multi-year 2020 rate study recommended increases to rates each year for the next several years to cover debt coverage, reserves, and financial policy. The rate study has been updated this year to reflect updates to previous assumptions, customer class equality, increased operation and maintenance costs, capital improvement advancements, other projects identified through maintenance efforts, resiliency needs identified in last year’s winter storm and as required by Senate Bill 3. In addition, the south lake treatment plant recently bid, the recommendations within the rate study are reflective of the advancement of the plant, the bids received and anticipated bond issuance. Having these numbers helps to fine tune debt coverage and more accurately project revenue needs.

Discussion and Recommendations
We will be seeking discussion and recommendation on rate strategy, potential modifications to financial policy and an overall discussion of rate projections given the recommended strategies. This presentation was reviewed by City Council at the February 22, 2022 workshop.


Chelsea Solomon, Director of Water Utility/skm

Georgetown_Water Board_Draft Presentation_3-21-22 Water and Sewer Rate StudyPresentation