Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Regular Meeting
January 25, 2022

Consideration and possible action to approve a Task Order Amendment #1 to Task Order CDM-21-006 with CDM Smith, Inc. of Austin, Texas, for professional services related to the 2022 Water and Wastewater Utility Master Plans Update, Integrated Water Resource Plan, Water and Wastewater Impact Fee and 2021/2022 Utility Evaluations Support in the amount of $128,725.00 -- Wesley Wright, P.E., Systems Engineering Director; and Chris Pousson, CIP Manager

In August 2021, City Council approved a task order for professional services for CDM Smith to update the Water and Wastewater Master Plans by updating water and wastewater demands per available data and planning information, updating and improving the water model to include recently constructed facilities and operational components, updating the wastewater model to include recently constructed facilities and incorporate flow monitoring analysis, re-assessing proposed water and wastewater projects, and develop a 10-year CIP to meet projected facility needs as more fully described below. Additional tasks include supporting the City of Georgetown with Water and Wastewater impact fee assistance, perform long range Integrated Water Resource Plan analysis and utility evaluations for 2021-2022.


This first task order amendment includes the installation, maintenance, data analysis and calibration of an additional 5 wastewater flow meters as part of the wastewater flow monitoring and wastewater system calibrations tasks in the approved task order. One of the five meters will be included in the downtown area for a downtown re-development review.


This amendment also includes professional services to provide a detailed water and wastewater redevelopment review of the downtown area to identify the ability of existing infrastructure to handle expected redevelopment and recommend projects as needed to account for and handle the expected redevelopment of the downtown area.



Staff recommends executing this 1st amendment to Task Order CDM-21-006 with CDM Smith, Inc. for additional professional services related to the 2022 Water and Wastewater Utility Master Plans Update in the amount of $128,725.00.

Funds for this expenditure are available in the Water/Wastewater CIP Budget
Chris Pousson, CIP Manager
First Amendment to TO CDM-21-006