Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Regular Meeting
November 26, 2019


First Reading of an Ordinance to close and abandon a portion of 6th Street pursuant to Section 311.007 of the Texas Transportation Code, for the safety and public benefit of the municipality at large, to the City of Georgetown, Texas; and to authorize the mayor to execute all documents necessary to complete the abandonment -- Travis Baird, Real Estate Services Manager


The City of Georgetown is in the process of designing a parking garage, to be located at the southwest corner of 6th and Main Street. The alignment of the site and design of the garage are such that up to 12.67 feet of the garage will encroach into the right of way. This will create future conflicts with the garage and use of the right of way, including potential utility conflicts.

This item would approve abandonment of that portion of the right of way necessary for construction of the garage to the City. This abandonment will cause a portion of 6th Street to consist of a smaller profile than is provided in the Downtown Master Plan. However, the garage will continue to benefit the public by providing public parking, which is one of the purposes outlined for right of way in the Downtown Master Plan. Additionally, the other components of the right of way to which the abandoned space would be utilized, street landscaping and sidewalks, will have sufficient space to be constructed after the abandonment per the site engineering completed to date. Utilities currently exist with the area to be abandoned, and will be relocated as part of the garage's construction.

Staff recommends approval of this item.

Travis Baird-Real Estate Services Manager