Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Regular Meeting
September 10, 2019

Forwarded from the General Government and Finance Advisory Board (GGAF):
Consideration and possible action to approve a Construction Contract with Pro Dirt Services, LLC. of Pflugerville, Texas for the construction of Downtown Parking Lot Expansion, at and around 321 W. 8th Street in the amount of $558,690.00 -- Eric Johnson, CIP Manager

This project is to provide additional parking in the downtown area, more specifically as an addition to the existing parking lot across 8th Street from the Library. The Parking expansion will add 66 parking spaces. In addition to the parking, landscape, irrigation, and parking lot lighting are included in the project.

On July 31, 2019, the City of Georgetown issued an Invitation to Bid for the Downtown Parking Lot Expansion. Twelve (12) firms obtained plans. From these plan holders on August 14, 2019 we received seven (7) competitive bids. The low qualified bidder for the project was Pro Dirt Services, LLC of Pflugerville, Texas with a total bid of $558,690. Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, LLP (KPA) has reviewed the current workload, references, and construction history of Pro Dirt Services. As a results of the findings KPA recommend the contract be awarded to Pro Dirt Services, LLC.


The total budget for Downtown Parking Expansion is $660,000, including Demolition and Construction.

Downtown Parking Expansion is funded through Certificates of Obligation and previously issued bond proceeds.

  • $60,000 issued through 2014 Certificates of Obligation for Downtown Parking
  • $250,000 issued through the 2018 annual debt issuance
  • $350,000 issued through the 2019 annual debt issuance
Eric Johnson, CIP Manager
Recommendation of Award/Bid Tab