Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Regular Meeting
September 10, 2019

Consideration and possible action to execute a contract amendment for the Brazos River Authority (BRA) System Water Agreement to allow the temporary sale of up to 10,000 acre-ft of system water for non-municipal use by Blanchard Refining Company -- Glenn W. Dishong, Utility Director

The City of Georgetown and BRA are parties to a contract for system water in the amount of 10,000 acre-ft whose delivery point is the intake structure at Lake Stillhouse-Hollow. The current provisions of the contract allows Georgetown to resell the water for municipal use.

The Temporary Contract Amendment allows Georgetown to sell up to 10,000 acre-ft per year to Blanchard Refining Company for industrial use for a period beginning September 1, 2019 and ending August 31, 2029.

All other provisions of the original contract remain in effect for the full term of the contract. The original contract amendment, approved in the City Council meeting on September 27, 2019, did not incorporate some of the edits made and agreed to by the Parties. This version incorporates all edits and is the final version of the contract amendment. The changes are not material to the City.

The Temporary Contract Amendment does not amend the financial terms of the original agreement whereby the City of Georgetown pays the System Rate for 10,000 acre-ft of water annually. The system rate in effect on September 1, 2019 is $79.00 per acre-ft.
Glenn W Dishong
BRA Agreement
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