Item Coversheet

City of Georgetown, Texas
City Council Regular Meeting
September 10, 2019

Consideration and possible action to approve an appropriation of $50,000.00 to Environmental Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) for software maintenance expenses on the ESRI suite of geographic information system software -- Chris Bryce, IT Director
This item is one of several annual technology maintenance appropriations that are submitted for advanced approval at the beginning of each fiscal year so that invoices may be paid in a timely manner when they are received.

ESRI provides all of the City’s geographic information system (GIS) software including the ArcGIS suite of server and desktop based GIS software. GIS is used by most departments in the City for mapping and spatial data management. The City currently participates in ESRI’s site licensing program for small governments, which saves the City significantly on software licensing costs because it allows unlimited installation of the software for City purposes. The program also provides software updates, fixes, and support.

ESRI’s maintenance costs under this program are based on the City’s population.
All items were budgeted during the FY 2020 budget process. Expenses in the amount of $50,000 will be recorded in account 570-5-0641-51-341 (IT Contracts – Annual Contracts). This purchase qualifies as a proprietary exception as it is maintenance on a previously purchased product. ESRI is also a sole source vendor for maintenance on ArcGIS products.
Chris Bryce, IT Director
ESRI Cover Sheet